Lyndal Haddox

VP Innovation, E Source, USA

Lyndal is a certified Project Management Professional with more than two decades’ experience in the utilities software and consulting industry. She has overseen the implementation of more than 50 utility mission critical software systems in both the US and Canada. Her uncanny acumen for assessing projects, identifying needed improvements, defining mitigation approaches, and moving the project forward to a successful completion are irreplaceable for technology initiatives. She has been responsible for defining and implementing consistent corporate methodologies across multi-departmental organizations. As a result of her years of experience, she has also authored a project manager’s implementation guide. Lyndal has a strong background in process and methodology development, having led teams designing everything from software testing strategy to a rapid implementation methodology for utility CIS. Her mastery in the application of testing processes helps keep E Source at the forefront of successfully leading implementation project teams to achieve system validation and confirmation necessary for project success. Lyndal’s extensive and diverse experience across the utility spectrum in quality assurance proves invaluable time and again to projects she manages as well as those she is called upon to assess. Lyndal’s expertise in the areas of project management, project readiness and testing have been leveraged on projects of all sizes with multiple software vendors and system integrators. Lyndal has managed the negotiation of the NavigateOne™ Statement of Work for Oracle and SAP systems with multiple system Integrators for on-premise and Cloud initiatives. She led the creation of the NavigateOne™ Cloud Transformation Strategy to assist utilities with development of a Cloud Strategy that addresses risk mitigation from a cyber security perspective. Lyndal has also provided Quality Assurance (Project Quality Readiness) services to clients implementing both platforms. With her 24 years of experience in the utilities software and consulting industry, including managing projects and managing project managers, Lyndal has developed the ability to provide wise counsel to executives, project managers and teams as they implement mission-critical systems. A natural leader, Lyndal draws from a career history of strong interpersonal and communications skills to coordinate disparate groups and teams in working toward a common goal.