Zuk Avraham

Founder and CEO, ZecOps & Founder and Chairman, ZIMPERIUM, USA

Zuk Avraham is a world-renowned white-hat security researcher, 2X entrepreneur, angel investor, the Founder/CEO of ZecOps, Inc, and Founder/Chairman of mobile security company Zimperium, Inc.

An innate hacker with a passion for detecting code vulnerabilities, Zuk started his career as a security researcher in the IDF before being recruited by Samsung Electronics, where he published the first return-oriented programming technique for ARM architecture at DEFCON and Blackhat. His security work has been the subject of academic research and is often quoted in leading publications such as Forbes, MIT Technology Review, TIMES and Engadget.

Zuk’s first company, Zimperium has earned innovation awards and is considered the leader in Mobile Threat Defense. Since its foundation, Zimperium raised ~$100m in capital from top-tier investors, and helped many Fortune 500 companies to secure their mobile fleet.

In July 2017, Zuk started his second entrepreneurial journey, with ZecOps, Inc. ZecOps is considered as a leader in Mobile DFIR / Mobile XDR. ZecOps technology is widely used by world-leading enterprises,journalists, governments, MSPs and VIPs.